We all consider camping a great way of getting closer to nature but rarely contemplate its impact on our planet. Most camping tents are made of synthetic materials, come with an enormous carbon footprint and are often used only once or twice before ending their life at the landfill.

Our bespoke linen tents offer you an alternative which will transform and enrich your camping experience.


We make our linen tents and canopies exclusively to order, carefully controlling each step of their manufacturing process. Thus, we ensure that you receive a high-quality product which does not need replacing after a holiday or two.

We relish working closely with our customers – together we can develop your new tent from scratch or personalise one of our retro tents for you, making sure that your ‘canvas home’ meets all of your requirements.


All materials used for the production of our tents and canopies are of regional origin: from fabric, woven in continuation with the grand textile tradition of Lower Silesia, to tent poles, custom-made in a small local sawmill to tent pegs, hand-forged in a neighbouring village.


Our tents and canopies are made, first and foremost, out of linen.

Why linen?

  • Linen is a natural fabric. It is made from fibres of a flax plant, therefore, it is 100% sustainable. It is also entirely biodegradable.
  • Our fabric is not chemically treated, yet it remains completely watertight when pitched at a steep angle.
  • Our fabric is not dyed and its natural grey colour provides for a pleasant shade during the day and light protection during the night on an illuminated camp site.
  • Unlike synthetics, linen ‘breathes’, i.e. it enables small moisture particles from breath, sweat and cooking steam to escape. It also allows air-circulation making sure that even on a hot sunny day, the inside of the tent remains relatively cool.
  • Linen canvas is tough, durable and repairable – a properly looked after linen canvas tent or canopy will serve you for a long time.
  • Linen is a remarkably beautiful fabric; simple yet elegant, pleasant to the touch and smelling pleasantly of hay.

Tentiamo is the brainchild of Anna Lukasiewicz-Tannhäuser.

Tentiamo linen tents are inspired by her long-beloved hobby – medieval reenactment; for her sleeping in a linen canvas tent has always been one of its most enjoyable aspects.

When she finally decided to give a ‘normal’ camping holiday a try, she simply could not imagine confining herself to a modern plastic tent. A linen tent had to come with! And it proved to be such a success that it continued coming with year after year, often with some adjustments or small improvements and reflecting her changing taste and needs – sometimes for compact and simple, other times for romantic and retro, and, occasionally, for a totally grand glamping experience.

The unique feeling of sleeping under canvas

Through her bespoke linen tents, Anna would like to share with you the unique feeling of sleeping under canvas, to enable you to discover the comfort which invariably goes with it and to offer you the possibility of developing a design exactly suited to your needs.

Anna brings to Tentiamo not only her passion for camping but also 15 years of experience in making historical tents for reenactors all over Europe. Assisted by two local craftsmen, who manufacture the wooden and metal elements after her design and her husband Christian helping with the heavy lifting, Anna sews the tents in her studio located in an Umgebingehaus in the heart of Upper Lusatia.