Check out our selection of beautifully crafted camping accessories, custom-made for TENTIAMO linen tents


Wooden peg – 2.75€

Robust and beautiful, pegs made of robinia wood add a truly retro feel to your set-up.

30cm long, 150gr, 2.75€

Stainless steel peg – 4.90€

Strong, yet elegant, pegs out of stainless steel fit perfectly every camping setting.

26cm long, 145gr, 4.90€

Iron peg – 4.90€

Extra long, super strong iron pegs, especially recommended for large tents and canopies.

33cm long, 450gr, 4.90€

All our pegs are locally made.

Ground sheets

floor panel

Made out of robust cotton-polyester blend, our GROUND SHEETS ensure that your belongings are protected from dirt, dew and sodden ground. The waterproof fabric has additionally been impregnated against mold, yet still remains very pleasant to the touch. The dark green colour makes it blend perfectly with the surroundings.

Each ground sheets comes with a storage bag, made of the same fabric.

We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes designed to fit our retro linen tents. Naturally, you can also order your ground sheet custom-made.


fitting wedge and wall tent small


Price – 90€

Square 1

fitting wedge and wall tent medium


Price – 135€

Square 2

fitting wedge and wall tent large


Price – 150€

Halfmoon 1

covers half of conical tent 1

Price – 85€

Halfmoon 2

covers half of conical tent 2

Price – 95€

Halfmoon 3

covers half of conical tent 3

Price – 110€

Halfmoon 4

covers half of conical tent 4

Price – 135€

Halfmoon 5

covers half of conical tent 5

Price – 150€

Halfmoon 6

covers half of conical tent 6

Price – 185€

Tent storage bags

Made of our thick linen canvas, these sturdy bags are perfect for storing and transporting your tarpaulin. Available in three sizes exactly fitted to your tent.


Conical tents 1-3

Wedge tent small

Wall tent small

Price – 40€


Conical tents 4-5

Wedge tent medium

Wall tent medium

Price – 45€


Conical tent 6

Wedge tent large

Wall tent large

Price – 50€