Truly a tent that has never gone out of style, the WEDGE TENT has been around for more than 500 years. A firm favourite with the mid 20th century campers, it surely reached its popularity due to the ingeniously straightforward construction and short pitching time.

This simple but stylish tent consists of a single piece tarpaulin and 3 wooden poles, with no need for guy ropes. A real eye-catcher on every camping site, which can be set up in within minutes.

The minimalistic design by no means implies compromising on comfort. Our linen wedge tents offer generous head height and with three sizes to choose from, they cater to various needs.

All tents come with mud flaps and divided wooden poles.


Height – 2m

Width – 2m

Length – 2.5m

Price – 635 €

Tarpaulin weight – 10kg

Pegs needed – 11


Height – 2.2m

Width – 3m

Length – 3m

Price – 795 €

Tarpaulin weight – 15kg

Pegs needed – 14


Height – 2.5m

Width – 3.5m

Length – 3.5m

Price – 995 €

Tarpaulin weight – 19kg

Pegs needed – 17

Supplement your wedge tent with some of our custom-made pegs.

Our wedge tents do not have an integrated floor. Instead you can choose from various shapes and sizes of separate ground sheets custom-fitted to each particular tent model.

Store and transport your tarpaulin in a heavy duty linen canvas bag.