Glamper’s best friend

Glamping Jill was created in 2019 for a couple who wanted to enjoy camping in a more luxurious manner. The brief was quite straightforward: ample head space, enough room for a double mattress, a table and 2 chairs and some sort of awning attached to the main tent. The shape we designed is an interesting merger of a short wedge tent and a conical tent. We based the height and the width on our conical tent 5 knowing that just half of its footprint would provide more than enough space for the sleeping area. This way, the bed could be comfortably accommodated in the apse, leaving still about 10m2 of a ‘sitting room’ in the front part. The requested awing was cleverly engineered from a wall which can be raised and supported with 2 poles – by eliminating the barrier between inside and outside, we substantially enlarged the available living space and created a direct connection to the great outdoors. Since bright colour was also on the wish list, we decided to go with cotton, which offers a wider palette. The grey panel in the front allows for more light to enter the tent and adds a cheerful vibe.

Glamping Jill may be 3.1m high, 4.4m wide and 4.5m long but can be pitched in less than 10 minutes by 2 people.