Popular with explorers, trappers and soldiers throughout the centuries, the CONICAL TENT had to wait a long time for its camping debut. And it is baffling why, given its simple construction and quick pitching.

It is undoubtedly the most user-friendly tent shape ever invented- astoundingly easy to transport and pitch. With only one pole required to support the tarpaulin and no need for guy ropes, a single person can pitch the conical tent in less than 10 minutes. Inside, it will surprise you with the amount of space.

Our conical linen tents are available in six sizes; the smallest created with a solo camper or a hiker in mind, the largest – perfect for a group of friends, a family or glamping.

All conical tents come with mud flaps, a divided pole and a lathe-turned wooden top.

Size 1

Height – 2.2m

Diameter – 3m

Price – 500€

Tarpaulin weight – 9kg

Pegs needed – 12

Size 2

Height – 2.2m

Diameter – 3.4m

Price – 540€

Tarpaulin weight – 10kg

Pegs needed – 13

Size 3

Height – 2.5m

Diameter – 3.6m

Price – 625€

Tarpaulin weight – 12kg

Pegs needed – 14

Size 4

Height – 2.8m

Diameter – 4m

Price – 715€

Tarpaulin weight – 14kg

Pegs needed – 15

Size 5

Height – 3.1m

Diameter – 4.4m

Price – 830€

Tarpaulin weight – 17kg

Pegs needed – 16

Size 6

Height – 3.5m

Diameter – 5m

Price – 1035€

Tarpaulin weight – 23kg

Pegs needed – 18

Supplement your conical tent with some of our custom-made pegs.

Our conical tents do not have an integrated floor. Instead you can choose from various shapes and sizes of separate ground sheets custom-fitted to each particular tent model.

Store and transport your tarpaulin in a heavy duty linen canvas bag.