A little shady spot…

Birthday parties, wedding receptions, city feasts and medieval fairs – our linen canopies have seen it all.

So whether you’re planning a grand garden party, longing for some sun protection on your terrace or need a bit of shade for the kids to play, our linen canopies offer a perfect solution:

We make canopies and awnings according to your design and measurements, providing you with a product ideally suited to your needs.

You can order solely a linen tarpaulin or a complete set including wooden poles, pleated hemp ropes and metal pegs.

Please keep in mind that our canopies provide primarily sun protection. The fabric is not chemically impregnated and the tarpaulin remains waterproof only when pitched at a steep angle. While a light rain will not cause problems, during a heavy rainstorm you should lower the sides of your canopy to facilitate the flow of water off the fabric. If you let rainwater gather on the top of the canopy, sooner or later the material will start leaking.