When looking for a genuine retro camping flair, nothing can beat the WALL TENT. Featured in thousands of old holiday photos and depicted in multiple period films, this type of tent is immediately recognisable and has a warm, slightly nostalgic feel about it.

Thanks to the addition of a dwarf wall, this tent is roomier than its little brother, the wedge tent, while having the same footprint and wooden construction. Although this is inevitably connected with an increase in weight and number of pegs needed, the change comes in welcome in terms of long-term camping, when space is at a premium.

Our linen wall tents are available in three sizes: from the small one offering plenty of room for a couple, to the large one, intended for a family or a group of friends.

All tents come with mud flaps, divided wooden poles and ropes.


Height – 2m

Wall height – 0.5m

Width – 2m

Length – 2.5m

Price – 750 €

Tarpaulin weight – 13kg

Pegs needed – 19


Height – 2.3m

Wall height – 0.8m

Width – 3m

Length – 3m

Price – 1000 €

Tarpaulin weight – 20kg

Pegs needed – 22


Height – 2.5m

Wall height – 0.8m

Width – 3.5m

Length – 3.5m

Price – 1265 €

Tarpaulin weight – 25kg

Pegs needed – 27

Supplement your wall tent with some of our custom-made pegs.

Our wall tents do not have an integrated floor. Instead you can choose from various shapes and sizes of separate ground sheets custom-fitted to each particular tent model.

Store and transport your tarpaulin in a heavy duty linen canvas bag.