Made entirely of linen canvas, our retro tents are breathable, spacious and surprisingly easy to pitch!

Kegelzelt Conical tent Rundzelt

No more tossing sleeplessly on a hot summer night: unlike synthetics, linen canvas ‘breathes’, i.e. it enables small moisture particles from breath and sweat to escape. It also allows air-circulation making sure that the inside of a linen canvas tent remains cool.

Camping no longer means roughing it: generous head-height and ample footprint ensure maximal comfort while the variety of shapes and sizes on offer guarantee that you’ll find a tent perfectly suited to your needs.

Don’t be daunted by the more than usually heavy tarpaulin and unfamiliar construction – with a bit of practice most of our retro tents can be pitched in less than 10 minutes.

Our unique line of linen retro tents shows off the canonical tent shapes:

Wedge tent

A firm camping favourite with classic simplicity and timeless charm.

Wall tent

The uncrowned king of retro camping, as thousands holiday photos will attest.

Conical tent

The most user-friendly tent shape ever invented – remarkably easy to transport and pitch.